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Questions About SIEM Integration With Security Analytics

Question asked by tpGrcF6bS0UrJKqKMMVl3A8Kgm9FCPrUcWw5QTN3wag= on Jan 14, 2015
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I don't have the SA product or any SA documentation.  I also don't see any official SA documentation (for installation, configuration, administration) on this community site.  If these items are here, please help me find them.  But my questions are:


1)  How does SA integrate with common SIEMs?  Via SOAP?  Files?  TCP?  I am talking about SIEMs such as ArcSight, FireEye, Splunk, AlienVault, and QRadar. 


2)  About how long does it take to integrate a single SIEM data source into SA?