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Stopped receiving logs from Log Collector

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Deepanshu Sood



I am observing logs are not reaching to SA from Decoders.


Below are the errors discovered from Log collector.


An error occurred publishing a statistic for plugin aa2e7a0e-e506-4982-981e-c95f84047f3b/logcollector_processinfo-string-uptime. Error: An error occurred publishing an AMQP Message.  Exchange name: carlos.sms.collectd; error: An error occurred creating an AMQP Channel. Configuration: {#012    "urn": "carlos.sms.collectd",#012 "connection":#012 {#012        "vhost": "\/rsa\/system"#012    }#012}#012; error: a socket error occurred; message size: 321


Also getting error while adding decoders under Log Collector>Services>Local Colletors>Destination.


HttpOps: GET : SSL connection error: Broken pipe

Can anyone suggest what this signifies & the way of troubleshooting  need to carry.

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