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How do I look in the Named Windows of my ESA Rules

Discussion created by David Waugh Employee on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Huan Zhou

Once you start writing more complex ESA rules, it is useful to be able to see what values are being stored in named windows. Lee Kirkpatrick posted the following recently which will hopefully help a few people out.


All the following is done on an ESA.


Run the following command to open the esa-client:


  • /opt/rsa/esa/client/bin/esa-client


When run, the following prompt will be displayed:


  • localhost:com.rsa.netwitness.esa:/>



How many and what values exist in my window(s)?

Let’s say, for example, I created the following window in EPL:


CREATE WINDOW ActiveUsers.win:time(1 hour) (user_dst string);


SELECT user_dst FROM Event(user_dst IS NOT NULL);


And wanted to know how many values are stored in the window, I can perform the following from the esa-client:

jmx-cd /CEP/Engine/windows

localhost:com.rsa.netwitness.esa:/CEP/Engine/windows>jmx-invoke getWindowSize --param ActiveUsers




If I wanted to see what these 2 values were, I could run the following:


localhost:com.rsa.netwitness.esa:/CEP/Engine/windows>jmx-invoke query --param "SELECT * FROM ActiveUsers"


"ActiveUsers": {

"user_dst": "root"



, {

"ActiveUsers": {

"user_dst": "root"