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sAMAccountName generation during user auto-provisioning in AD

Question asked by Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan Employee on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by Venkata Palakaveeti

For provisioning users manually in AD, it is mere email notification to AD provisioning team, they will take care of the rest by updating the activity to complete the workflow. When there is an AFX to be incorporated to do auto-provisioning into AD, as an implementation team, it is our responsibility to get the logic from customer to create the unique sAMAccountName.


In case of auto provisioning, do we have any best practise that can be used across all domains in the customer environment.


For now, we have a plan to go ahead with a java code which will be invoked by CRON job at every night. This job will not only create value for sAMAccountName and also checks for the duplication. If there is a duplication on generated value, we will be appending the value with the increment of 1.


Once the job processing is done, it generates a csv file with the relevant attributes and those values will be loaded into newly created tables in aveksa database. From there, IDC will pull the complete identities.


Is this right approach or do we have any best practise approach for generating sAMAccountName and avoiding the duplicate value?