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Question asked by Yavuz Cengiz on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Andre Pietersen

We received "413 authentication failed" message from Cisco VPN client after entering TOKENCODE. The authenticaton activity report is below. What should we do?


Log Level: ERROR

Activity Key: Principal authentication

Description: User “test.user1” attempted to authenticate using authenticator “OnDemand”. The user belongs to security domain “SystemDomain”

Action Result Key: Failure


Result: Authentication method failed

User ID: test.user1

User Security Domain: SystemDomain

User Identity Source: PharmavisionAd

Agent Type: 7

Agent Name: asa

Agent IP:

Agent Security Domain: SystemDomain

Authentication Method: OnDemand

Policy Expression: AUTHN_LOGIN_EVENT

Argument 1: 5

Argument 2: 1

Argument 3:

Argument 4:

Argument 5:

Argument 6:

Argument 7:

Argument 8: aba8d3ac020111ac125b7ef9f503cacb

Argument 9: <cell phone number>

Argument 10:

Instance Name: istsrdc200.local

Client IP:

Server Node IP:

More Arguments: 

Actor GUID: ab7f7688020111ac11f408a728855658

Session ID: 16ca08961a0111ac0173c5b88d4ee364-wnxHs2TwiFDa

Agent GUID: ab87dcad020111ac1298dc79d74e7065