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Unable to connect to SQL database though ECAT UI

Question asked by qMvwrYBSUGd5vvi1EvAlMGpVvBe4ZTwLi1lah6b7pkE= on Feb 25, 2016
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I am trying to install RSA ECAT trial version on Windows 7 host. I followed installation guide 4.1. I was able to install MS SQL 2012 and it was listening on port 1433. I was able to install ECAT and it says successfully installed. Before generating agents I tried to connect to sql server through ECAT UI and it was not connecting. It is throwing an error "Cannot connect to the database. An error occured while connecting to the database or the database version cannot be retrieved." When I test the connection it says as follows.....

Query State is IDLE

Query State is CONNECTING

Query State is CANCELED

Query State is COMPLETED

We cannot get the database version information.

Query Stats is COMPLETED, ConnectionTime=0msec, QueryTime=0msec, LoadListTime=0msec

We cannot get the database version information.


I am attaching the log file when I installed ECAT in the attachment. Can any one help me with this please. Thanks in advance.