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Reset Option in Request Forms

Question asked by 8VLXccCvIDMJTtmWnGdTG7zX8Vn0XTeD6jFrETKeQcQ= on Mar 7, 2016
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I have created a form, where it has a radio button (Yes/NO). Depends on the input(Yes/No) of the radio button the next variable (Test Field) is appearing. I am passing value in the Text Field type, when the radio button is on Yes condition, after that I am choosing No condition and type some text in Text Field.


Now, if am again choosing the condition as Yes, the Text Field has the same value what I passed earlier when the condition was Yes. It is not resetting. Similarly for the No condition.


Could you please help to reset the value of the Text Field based on the radio button conditions like Yes and No.