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rsa security console unsaasign token from unknown user

Question asked by Y0dwkB7qm45PgQZVdWBDAmARAZjhe06IF3CbL9ufU18= on Mar 14, 2016
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Hey all,


i hope you can help us with a Problem we have identified, but do not find a solution for it.



When a User has been deleted from Active Directory, it will be shown in RSA Security Console as "unknown".

With the normal Token or User Admin Permissions it is not possible to unassign a Token from such "unknown" users.


It is only possible to unassign this Token from the "unknown" User when you have "SuperAdmin" Permissions.


We need to give this Permissions to a Role, we have build on our own, but cannot find the right Permission.

We cannot assign SupeAdmin Permissions to the People.


Many thanks in advance,