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Performing SoD Violation Check with CreateChangeRequest Web Service

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Mar 31, 2016
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Question regarding to CreateChangeRequest Method,


1-  While doing SoD violation check, does it only compares each entitlement in the change items with the entitlements that are currently obtained by the user OR does it also perform violation check among all change items as well?




  • User Has Entitlement1,
  • CreateChangeRequest method has been triggered with account changes as adding Entitlement2 and Entitlement3 to the user in the same request.
  • Entitlement1 does not violate any SoD rule neighter with Entitlement2 nor Entitlement3.
  • However, Entitlement2 and Entitlement3 together does violate SoD rule.


What would be the result? Will the CR be created or will it fail due to viaolations among candidate entitlements?


2- Is there any performance metrics available for CreateChangeRequests web service method?


For example; Given the specifications of RSA Appliance Hardware, eliminating the network factor, when this method is triggered for adding 10 entitlements to 100 users, can we guess the response time of the request? Will it take miliseconds, seconds or minutes?


This is important for us in order to have a decision about the integration architecture we are going to build in between RSA and another application?