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How to send email report & assign tasks to all application BO's using only One Workflow?

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Apr 1, 2016



One of the requirements in our current project is to perform SoD review using RSA VIA. We know that at the moment there is no built in review activity for SoD process. As a workaround in order to maintain traceability in RSA, we have been advised to create a custom WF such that;


- First, run SQL Report (with SoD results) and send it the application BOs

- Then, assign a task to BOs so that BOs will close the task (approved) once SOD review process has been completed manually.


Below picture shows how we tried to realize above solution.



Question 1 - How to use 1 single workflow to perform the activity for all applications defined in the system? There are more than 70 applications currently and the SoD reports will change per application and the assignee of the tasks has to be corresponding BOs for each application.


Question 2 - Assuming that the above solution works, in that case target users (B.O.s) will receive two emails from the WF, one is the report itself and the other is the task assignment notification, right? It is possible to combine 2 activities such that users will receive only 1 notification about the task assignment together with the report related to the task?