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python: Error with mco ping. Please check configuration

Question asked by Joseph West on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Joseph West

The network connection is established, and firewall turned off for testing. When I enable the Netwitness agent, the Security Analytics Master / Puppet Master states in /var/log/messages:


puppet-master: Compiled catalog for <key> in envorionment production 0.27 seconds

python: Adding {'node': '<certificate name> , classes " {[base': ''} to ENC database

python: Adding <certificate name> user to /rsa/system

python: signing puppet Cert

python: Pinging host <certificate name> with a 40 second timeout

python: Error with mco ping. Please check configuration.


When I run $mco ping <IP Address> I get a return.

When I run $mco ping <cert name> it returns the other certificate names in the inventory.txt, but not the one I'm trying to add.


The instructions from this site to establish a new puppet certificate has been followed from this site. I also am having an issue with RabbitMQ connecting to the puppet master.


Thank you for your time!