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UpgraderApp::GleanSigningCA: Caught Standard Library Exception

Question asked by Dogan Eraytac on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Najeeb Peracha


ı have a two Red Hat server and which one installed CM and the other one a new red hat that ı want to upgrade v6.9. I created upgrade package on the old one and I imported new red hat under the  RSA_CM folder. When i run the ./INSTALL script as well as skip the some step, after the port configuration like

Admin Server:444

Enroll Server 443

Renewal Server 448


after that ı get some error


Admin Server: 444

Enroll Server: 443

Renewal Server: 448

SCEP Server: 446

CRL Server: 447

CMP Enroll Server: 449




Are the above values correct? (y/[n]): y


UpgraderApp::GleanSigningCA: Caught Standard Library Exception.

UpgraderApp::Failed to find issuing DN


*** Upgrade install failed.


What can ı do for that