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status webtier displayd incorrectly

Question asked by Andre Pietersen on Apr 15, 2016
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Since today the status of the webtier is incorrectly displayed in the operations console
What happend:
After the migration of the webtier VM from hyper V2 to hyper V3 the webtier was offline because the RSA webtier services weren't able to start.
I had to uninstall and install the webtier software and load a new package.
After that the webtier was running again but the status in the operations console stayed "offline"
I rebooted the VM and status in the operations console was "online"
After a few hours I checked again and the status was "offline" again but the webtier is running and available for the users

We are running authentication manager 8.1 SP 1 P 12 the webtier is running on a VM with Windows Server 2012 R2

What can I do to solve this?