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Helpful "How To" Videos

Discussion created by Dave Glover Employee on May 2, 2016
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I have created a few "how to videos" that I hope you find helpful.  They are posted to YouTube and I have included the links below.


They are as follows:


Demo of the new ESI tool -->https://youtu.be/_FilrZc2qLc

How to Configure IIS Collection for Security Analytics --> IIS Device Configuration - YouTube

How to Configure Windows Collection via WinRm --> WINRM Windows Collection - YouTube

How to Configure Security Analytics to Collect Log files not currently Supported via SFTP --> FileSpec Creation - YouTube


ESI Beta 3 --> RSA ESI Beta 3 - YouTube 


RSA Netwitness UI Walkthrough  -->


   Part 1 --> RSA Netwitness UI Walkthrough Part 1 - YouTube 

   Part 2 --> RSA Netwitness UI Walk through Part 2 - YouTube 


Lua Parser Overview --> RSA Netwitness LUA Parser Overview - YouTube 


Creating Parsers when No Message ID Exists in the Log --> Parser Development When No Message ID Exists - YouTube 


Building and Scheduling Reports in Netwitness --> Building and Scheduling Reports in NetWitness - YouTube 


Creating and Using Feeds and App Rules --> Using Application Rules and Feeds in NetWitness - YouTube 


Correlation Rule Example --> YouTube 


Creating Dashboards --> Dashboard Creation - YouTube 


DNS Xfil Example --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x4rnmlrHww&t=7s