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Create AD Group Form

Question asked by Andrea Saldamarco on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by Shlomo Katz



I'm trying the user/group provisioning on Active Directory, in particular I want to create a new group on AD server.

The AD connector capability "Create a Group on an AD server" is able and it is configured as follow:

I also mapped a"Group DN suffix" (i.e. DC=company,DC=local) in the AD Connector in the DN field.


I created a request button in order to trigger a request form, which has the following fields:

  • title
  • Group Name (string)
  • Common Name (string)
  • group description
  • provisioning command


I have two questions:

1) How can I create an AD group in a specific OU or path?

     The paths are not unique so I can not map it in the "Group DN Suffix" in the AD connector settings.

2) How can I populate the AD Group scope "DomainLocal/Unversal /Global" AD attribute througth the request form?


Thank you in advance.

Best regards.