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Workflows - Do we have to have Approval and Fulfillment steps in Request Workflows?

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Kin Kiu Yiu

This might sound very basic but I checked on the documentation and asked several experienced colleagues and still could not get a clear answers. The question is (as the title suggests); Do we have to have Approval and Fulfillment steps in Request Workflows?


For example, considering role related changes I performed a very basic example and apparently the fulfillment node is mandatory for this type request of request.


I kindly invite you to check below example and provide your feedback.


1- Below request wf is created (no approval or fulfillment nodes are included)




2- Then the req. WF is associated with role related changes.



3- A new role (named “Role_GG8”) is created and submitted. As you may see below, screenshots even though the request is in completed state the role remains to be in “Applied New” state.



Even though the request is complete the overall status is 0%. Especially, fulfillment step looks not to be completed even though there were no fulfillment node in the request workflow.




As per documentation;

Applied New

A new role version has been created, a change request has been submitted to commit it to the system, but the change requests has not been completed.


However, the request is completed. 



Since the role is in Applied New state, it is not requestable as well. As you see below "Role_GG8" is not listed among the requestable items.







Moreover, after these steps I cannot do anything to change the state of the Role that we just created.

Do you have any comments?