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ESA alert is flooding when using sliding time window

Question asked by Bwy4GgAhxvlUflMJfjPdriPLUqjZDfCRNZju5x6WmBE= on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Bwy4GgAhxvlUflMJfjPdriPLUqjZDfCRNZju5x6WmBE=

Hello Community,


I have the following ESA rule to detect portscan :






AND ip_dstport=137




.win:time(60 sec)

GROUP BY ip_src HAVING count(ip_dst) > 3;


But when I do a test (a portscan, from the same source, on 4 different IP and on the port 137) , I have lots of ESA alerts : something like 10 alerts. These alerts match the same ip_src and the same ip_dst


However, if I choose to use a batch time windows (win:time_batch(60 sec) , I'm not flooded by ESA alerts. I have only one alert which corresponds to my test.


Do you know if this is normal ? And would you be aware of any way to avoid this flood when using sliding time windows ?


I would prefer use sliding time windows to avoid to miss some alerts if events trigger between 2 batch time windows...


Thanks for your help ! :-)