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About Post Data (Processors) Handlers

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on May 11, 2016
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We’ve enabled “POST_DATA_PROCESS_HANDLERS_PKG” at Via’s db.

Post_Account_Data_Load_Handler procedure has been successfully worked after account collection is completed.


However, Post_DADC_Load_Handler has not been worked after entitlement collection is completed.


Is there any way to activate Post_DADC_Load_Handler proc?




I assume that we will find a solution for the above problem so I would ask another question in advance.


I see that the Post_Account_Data_Load_Handler proc. has some parameters which are seen at below figure so we can easily put some logic inside of the proc's body like “if in_adc_id is 5 then do this work or if in_adc_id is 13 then do different work”.


On the other side, Post_DADC_Load_Handler proc. has not parameters. Therefore, we could not put a logic. Could we manually add proc parameters for Post_DADC_Load_Handler?




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