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LUA Parser to detect and alert if CheckPoint logs are falling behind

Discussion created by David Waugh Employee on May 17, 2016
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I have written a LUA parser that will detect if you are falling behind with your Check Point log collection.


Prerequisites are:


Change the header number 02 in the Check Point parser. (I have attached the modified checkpoint parser to this case)






                content="&lt;hmonth&gt; &lt;hday&gt; &lt;hyear&gt; &lt;htime&gt; %CHKPNT-&lt;hlevel&gt;-&lt;messageid&gt;: &lt;!payload&gt;" />


I basically change month, day,year and time in this header to hmonth, hday,hyear and htime.

The reason for this is that I need them in text.


Add the following to you table-map-custom.xml file


<!- BEGIN Check Point Date Time Header Fields -->

  <mapping envisionName="hyear" nwName="hyear" flags="None" format="Text"/>

  <mapping envisionName="hmonth" nwName="hmonth" flags="None" format="Text"/>

  <mapping envisionName="hday" nwName="hday" flags="None" format="Text"/>

  <mapping envisionName="htime" nwName="htime" flags="None" format="Text"/>

  <mapping envisionName="fld49" nwName="fld49" flags="None" format="Text" />

<!- END Check Point Date Time Header Fields -->


Add the following to your index-concentrator-custom.xml files

<key description="Seconds Delay"  level="IndexValues" name="seconds.delay" format="UInt32" defaultAction="Open" valueMax="10000" />

<key description="Event Time String" level="IndexValues" name="event.time.str" format="Text" valueMax="2500000"/>


Set up your timestamp feed as detailed in the post below.


A typical checkpoint message might look something like this


May 17 2016 08:59:47: %CHKPNT-6-060020: accept,,inbound,eth1,,45314,,443,https,tcp,8,7373,0:00:01, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,6039,1334, , , , , ,17May2016 8:59:47,1,VPN-1 & FireWall-1, , , , , , , , , , ,17May2016 8:59:26,17May2016 8:59:27,20,9,11,11,9,1334,6039,eth1,eth0,eth0,eth1,0,0,0, , , , , ,060020, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,{F73441C3-A91E-4603-914C-890BBBCFB32A}, , , , ,


We compare the difference between the time in the message and the time in the header field. These are highlighted in red.


If the difference is greater than 5 seconds we create an alert "WARNING Checkpoint: Processing Delayed"

If the difference is greater than 10 seconds we create an alert "CRITICAL Checkpoint: Processing Delayed"


These are configurable in the lua parser and are probably too sensitive for a production environement.


The amount of delay is written into the new meta key "seconds.delay"


The parser should be placed in /etc/netwitness/ng/parsers on your logdecoder.



- I only look at certain checkpoint message ID's.

- Comment the nw.logInfo lines with -- in front of them to disable debugging.

-If your header and log times are in different timezones - you will need to add or subtract multiple of 3600 seconds to the HeaderEpochTime or EventEpochTime variables so that you are comparing times in the same timezones.




NOTE: Updated Version 2 of Parser attached below: