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How do single quotes work in SQL with patch 13 for 6.9.1?

Question asked by Paul Duer on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Sabthami S

Okay, we have a request worflow with the SQL below as it's first node:


SELECT  NVL(supervisor_id,0) AS supervisor_id, CASE

  WHEN supervisor_id is null THEN '311'  ELSE ''


  WHERE user_id = '${access_request_cri_meu_userId}'


Before patch 13, everything worked FINE. Now we get this error:


nested exception is: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended Error occurred in Statement #1 in Script ID 17:WPDS, Script Name = 'SQL Query', Script type = 'Action'. Job ID = 170625:WPDS, Process Ref = 'WF_RR_8900', Node Name = 'Null Supervisor', WorkItem = 1034344:WPDS:1



What are the NEW rules around single quotes?


We know that USER_ID is a NUMBER in the master users table. So WHY when I remove the single quotes from the where clause does it break?


Is it because of the VIA parameter right there? Will the SQL processor just plain not save that?


What gives?