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Approval Workflow - Group By "Role Owner" Does Not Work

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on May 26, 2016
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We set up a form in order to enable users to perform add/remove business role operations in VIA. This forms enables the addition of multiple business role on user at once as in below picture.


In the approval WF, we have set the group by "role owner" option because we would like have approval of each role owner in case of multiple role assignment at once. However, when we created the request, approval phase simply skips.


Note that the owners of the roles which are added to user (as in above example) are distinct and they are different from the requestor and the selected person whom we perform the assignment.



Please see workflow details below.


1- Request WF.


2- Approval WF - Configuration


3- Approval WF


4 - Run Time : Request WF


4 - Run Time : Approval WF





Any one has any idea?