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Role Owner Attribute is not Present in Custom Form Field

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on May 27, 2016
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We have created a custom form in which we will display business roles that are owned by current session user. We know that role owners can directly navigate to "Roles" page and see the roles he is owner of. The idea is to create different types of roles like


1- Public Roles : everyone can request

2- Organization Roles : only role owners can request


We want these different types of roles to be listed in one single UI, such as a request form to be triggered by a request button on dashboard. That's why we are trying to figure out how we can create above mentioned custom forms.


For this purpose, we have added a new form field and we defined an entitlement rule as below



However, we have realized that the Owner column in here does not represent the Role Owner but it belongs to Entitlement Object. Moreover, there is no option for Role Owner attribute to be used in rule definition.



If you filter the list by business roles, in below picture you can also see that owner column is not the Role Owner.



Is this a bug? How can we defined a rule based on role owner?