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AD Collection error

Question asked by Anis Azzabi on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Boris Lekumovich


I got this error when I launch a collection error on my Active Directory

EC[] Context[RunID=68, ADC(Name=AD ADC, ID=5), accountsFileName=com.aveksa.server.utils.DataFile@28863d3a, UserAccountMappingFileName=com.aveksa.server.utils.DataFile@51dbf9f] Message[Unknown error code]


After analyzing and changing the filter of the collector, I find that it concerns a list of groups wich the name start with 'b'

The number of the groups is 37521 does this could be the root cause.


I did successfully collect 18723 group with the criteria samAccountName different of b*

I did successfully collect 29688 group


Any idea please?