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Approval Does Not Skip But Assigned To AveksaAdmin

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Jun 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by Nilesh Jain



We have Role Owner Approval step in our Approval Phase. But we want to skip role owner approval step if requestor of role related changes is role owner himself/herself. Therefore, in Resources Tab of associated approval WF we added "Requestor" to the Exclusion list as in below picture (picture 1).


1- Role Owner creates a role and adds entitlements to it. Then, she/he submits the request

2- In the Approval workflow, when we expect to skip role owner approval step we observe that the approval is assigned to AveksaAdmin instead (picture 2).


Do you have any idea why?



(picture 1)



(picture 2)



(picture 3)