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Approval WF - Job Level Rejection Rejects Entire Workflow

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Jun 4, 2016



  1. We have an approval WF (associated to role related changes) in which we are grouping the approvals by supervisors (Picture 1).
  2. In this WF, we have "Reject Changes" node which is set to "reject changes handled by this workflow" (Picture 2)
  3. We created a role and added members from 3 different supervisors (Picture 3)
  4. One of the supervisors rejected role assignment change item for one of his/her subordinates (Picture 4)
  5. This resulted in rejection of all role assignment change items including the ones that belonging to other supervisors as well (Picture 5)


Why all role assignment items are rejected? How can have a setting such that only the partial rejection is effective in among over all role assignment items?


Picture 1



Picture 2



Picture 3




Picture 4


Picture 5