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Transition between Approval Nodes With Different Assignment Options

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Jun 5, 2016



In our approval phase, there are 2 subsequent Approval nodes.


1- In the first one (named Approval - BOs) approvers are dynamically calculated. Number of approvers might be multiple people. We require approval from "All" approvers in this step.



2- In the next WF, we have selected a group which may also contain more than 1 people as approver. However, in this case, ONLY 1 approval is sufficient.


3- When we make transition from 1st node to 2nd. We observe an approval instance created for each and every approval item revealed from the 1st node. What we expect to see is only 1 item to be approved by the 2nd step approvers.


What is that we are missing here?