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Groups vs Entitlements?

Question asked by Paul Duer on Jun 6, 2016

Okay, I am trying to understand something. We're on 6.9.1 Patch 13....


What is a Group and what is an Entitlement?


The system I am using the test this theory out is a version control system. We have accounts for users, groups that accounts belong to and while we do then have directories that certain groups and/or users would have been granted access to, we don't REALLY want VIA to report on that. The "protections" i.e. what directories are accessible and how to each group is not information that we care VIA to control.


So are the groups in the version control software groups in VIA? what if we don't want to have entitlements?


But, what if we define the GROUPS as the entitlements in VIA? We use a multiapp collector and I think we shove the group list in there. Does this work?


I mean what IS an Entitlement?