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One token for normal ad account and for administrative account

Question asked by Luka Kodric on Jun 10, 2016
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I have the following problem. We used Duo Security and we migrated to RSA SecurID. With Duo Security two AD users could use one token. As far as i can see this is not possible with RSA SecurID but i saw there exist thing called Users Alias.


The thing is that i have normal AD account and Domain Admin account which i use to administrate Windows and Linux Servers. We have Linux and Windows servers connected to Domain. I've setup RSA SecurID for VPN, Linux and Windows and everything is nice and dandy BUT i don't want to carry around two tokens one for normal AD account and one for Admin account.


I've been playing with User Alias but it doesn't seem to get it working correctly.

Can someone from RSA provide me details how can i setup this properly with User Alias ? So i use one token for normal account and for administrative account?