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Help creating report on a review which shows if revoke action has been completed

Question asked by Danny Bissett on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Danny Bissett

I have created a user review for reviewing AD groups because
of the preferred functionality and am trying to build a report that will show
all items that were reviewed along with what action was taken. If a revoke action
was requested I would like to include if this change request has been completed.


I can create a report using the “V.AVR_ER_ITEM_DETAIL” table
as used by the out of the box “Revocation Report” but it does not show the AD account
(e.g. System account) that has the entitlement but only the identity that it is


I cannot find anything in this table view that specifies the
account AD account being reviewed only the identity it’s linked to. If I can find which table holds this information I can then link this back to the to the “CHANGE_REQUEST” table to include if the revoke action has been




My final report should show the following:

Review Name


Identity (Identity the account has been linked to)

Action (Revoke, Maintain)


Timed access

Review start date

Review completion date

Status (Remediation completed, available or cancelled)


Any help would be greatly appreciated