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Omreport command in v8.1

Question asked by T.J. Reed on Jun 20, 2016
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I need just a little help.

When I upgraded our RSA Authentication Manager 3.0 Appliance from v7.1 to v8.1, I used the command:

omreport chassis info

The output told me a lot about the appliance.  However, that command no longer works.

Now, when I issue that command, I get a message:

Error! Chassis info setting unavailable on this system.

I have tried getting help by issuing the -? .  None of those options provides the output of Index, Chassis Name, Host Name, Chassis model , etc.


Searching the RSA Link KB, I found article 14468.  However, this KB, it is for v7.1 SP4.  So, is their another command in v8.1 which I should use to get the Index, Chassis Name, Host Name, Chassis model, etc?



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