Deepanshu Sood

Re-image v10.6 process failure after boot

Discussion created by Deepanshu Sood on Jun 22, 2016
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Few days back I was trying to re-image one appliance to Pack Hybrid on v10.6, I followed all the proper steps mentioned in the attached document to re-image an appliance, but at the end of the process it's showing me error related to some packages failure, I would request you to kindly have a look at the screenshot no. 1 which is being attached to this discussion and at the end when the error was not moving to any other page after more than 10 minutes so then I forcefully restart the appliance and after the appliance boots up it started showing me some different error (attached as screenshot no. 2).


I am also attaching the document which I properly followed to re-image the appliance.


Pls advise if someone had faced the same kind of issue earlier before, your valuable points would really help me a lot.