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Duplicate "Remove" Change Items in the Request

Question asked by Ece YILDIRIM on Jun 22, 2016
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1- We have created a business role and added 2 entitlements to it (Picture 1)

  •      Role Name : ROLE_ORACLE_MSVAS5
  •      Entitlement 1: OLAP_USER (App-role)
  •      Entitlement 2: CREATE VIEW (Granular Entitlement)


The important point here is "OLAP_USER", as an app-role, already contains the entitlement "CREATE VIEW".


You may ask why we added the granular entitlement to the role even though the entitlement is contained by the App-Role. The answer is; this is only a test and it enabled us to detect an issue with fulfillment functioning of VIA.


2- Next, We added a new user to the same role and committed it.

  • The role has successfully been committed.
  • The fulfillment has completed without any issue.
  • We can see the user has acquired the entitlements that he gained via the assignment of business role


3- Finally, We removed the user from the same role.

  • Among the change items of the request created, we observed duplicate "Remove" operation for "CREATE VIEW" entitlement. (Picture 2)
    Is this a bug?

Next we did another test where;

  • We created another role and added only the app-role "OLAP_USER" to the role and one other user.
  • Fulfillment completed successfully, when we created a request in order to remove User from the business.
  • We only see the Remove operation for the "OLAP_USER" app-role item. No change item created for the sub-entitlement of the app-role.


What was wrong in the earlier case?


Picture 1


Picture 2