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[T_SECURITY_CONTEXT] Customize the Aveksa application entitlements

Question asked by Dj4bIamQPv7HFSpC1lG08vP2ANE8fvnDUNK3hVdVlsQ= on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by Prateek Bhatnagar



We need to add some specific aveksa entitlement; For exemple:

  1. A user with Title='X' can see all user with title='X'
  2. A user with Platform='X' can view and run all reports prefixed by 'X' ( like 'X%')
  3. A user with Platform='X' and Title like '%Security%' can Edit all reports prefixed by 'X' ( like 'X%')

I find the aveksa entitlement in the table T_SECURITY_CONTEXT, but i did not understand how can i use it, can you explain me how i can add a new custom entitlement in this table, and what i should put in each columns (SECURE_OBJECT_TYPE,NAME,ACTION, IMPLICIT_HAS_QUERY,IMPLICIT_BS_CHANGE, IMPLICIT_BU_CHANGE,SCOPE_TABLE, SCOPE_FILTER).

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