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View Review hyperlink in Email

Question asked by Dileepkumar Gurram on Jun 23, 2016
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I was trying to add a link to Email template so that the user can directly click on the link and routed to the Review results where they can see the All entitlements in the review results or to the Home page where they can see 'My tasks' section on dashboard.


To do this

1.  I've enabled 'Allow sanitized HTML' option present on Admin --> System --> Security page.

2.  Added 'Review URL' and 'Review Result URL' attribute by selecting from the left pane and added it to Email Content. 3. As a result, hyperlinks 'View Review' and 'View Review Result' were displayed for the reviewer in the email.


However, when the reviewer clicks on that link, it shows the Aveksa login page and after entering credentials, a popup with 'Request Error' displaying and it shows 'The request could not be handled - Unable to create page for page ID "ReviewReportDetailNestedMenu" null'.


How should I ensure that this error doesn't display for the users.

Appreciate the solution for this in advance.