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How can I avoid workflow variable getting appeded

Question asked by Tushar Sutar on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by Tushar Sutar

One of our application have entitlements formed as 'location':'role', so location is resource & role is action.

Location wise separate groups are collected, for approval & fulfillment.

In workflow I have a SQL node which compares location name and accordingly I am capturing group name. Next to that I have one more SQL node which captures all group members user id in one variable. I am passing this variable containing user id's to approval node & separately for fulfillment node.


Problem is - when multiple entitlements needs to be selected, I have marked approval & fulfillment workflow to create separate job for individual job.

So I am expecting each entitlement will create separate job and each separate job will maintain it's own job level variables.

So all entitlements should go to different different groups for approval or fulfillment.

But for all such requests none of the variables are resolving to correct members but same if I try for single entitlement then everything works fine.

This is all because I think even for separate jobs a single job level variable is being maintained and getting overwritten for each separate run. Please help me to resolve this problem.


Screen for individual entitlement -

When single entitlement is selected,

GRP_NAME return one group name and later other node returns MEM_ID - user id's of group members.




But if I select 2 entitlements then GRP_NAME variable gets appended with 2 group names.

Due to which MEM_ID is not able to return member user id's.multi2.JPG


Anyone can suggest a different method to overcome this problem.

Thank you.