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Authentication Manager Upgrade Documentation

Question asked by JOSH WIEGMANN on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Jay Guillette

Good Morning, I am looking for documentation that describes how to upgrade an Authentication Manager server to the latest version. This is our current version information:


Product NameAM 7/5/12 8:04:18 AM EDT am-7.1.4-build20110516110107 am-7.1 SP4 - 7/1/16 3:23:27 PM EDT

Product NameCM 7/5/12 1:05:01 AM EDT cm-1.0.4-build20110516152109 cm-1.0 SP4 - 7/1/16 3:23:27 PM EDT

Product NameIMS 7/5/12 8:04:06 AM EDT ims-2.0.4-build20101208044128 ims-2.0 SP4 - 7/1/16 3:23:27 PM EDT


Would someone please be able to provide me the necessary documentation to follow and where to download the software?