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RSA Fraud team in Israel Meet Up summary

Discussion created by Oded Peer Employee on Jul 6, 2016
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The RSA Fraud team in Israel hosted a successful Meet Up with AppsFlyer on identifying fraud among billions of events.

We had a turnout of 35 people who were very interested in understanding how we detect fraud and were engaged throughout the session.




“Have you been to Bulgaria recently?” – Identifying fraudulent transactions



Has your bank or credit card issuer ever call you to ask if performed an action that raised suspicion? How do they tell apart genuine actions from fraud?


As eCommerce and online banking becomes more convenient for consumers, fraudulent activity is becoming more challenging to detect as vast amounts of data are typically involved. To help detect behavior indicative of fraud modern fraud prevention systems need to process data with a high level of throughput and scale successfully as the business grows.


In this talk we will discuss some of the techniques we use to find the fraud needles in the haystack.



Tal Bar-Zvi is a team leader at RSA Security where he has been fighting fraud for the past 6 years.

A nut about machine learning, data analytics and the infrastructure that goes behind it all.

Tech enthusiast, life-long learner.