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Syntax Warning Message Locks after prior workflow change or after large node change

Question asked by r5mYnHvbFMvafs6B5JnNe7JIVXz9H9sS6rNBEPjsoB0= on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by r5mYnHvbFMvafs6B5JnNe7JIVXz9H9sS6rNBEPjsoB0=

Workflows that loop to execute multiple tasks are throwing a Syntax Warning about a possible infinite loop in 6.9.1 patch 13, which was not occurring in the prior patch we have (I think 8 but might need to verify).  This popup works once (we're using IE 11) and then we have to close IE and reopen or the next workflow edited will lock on that warning and we can't save. In addition, I was modifying the body text of an Email node and if I changed more than 100 characters (that's a guess on size, but I think close) it also locked.  Even if I open a workflow, copy text from a node, cancel out of the workflow and open another to edit and make changes, this warning locks.


I cleared cache, rebooted, had other users try from their machines...all did the same thing and this is consistent, not intermittent.


Is this a known issue?  Also, is this warning maybe suggesting a bigger problem, even thought this custom workflow works as it should?  Wondering if the solution is to resolve the source of the warning (if we can - the workflow does what it should) or maybe there's some warning level configuration that could be changed, or we have a node that patch 13 doesn't like...Thanks in advance!