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[Unification] Collect identities from two collectors without duplicata

Question asked by Dj4bIamQPv7HFSpC1lG08vP2ANE8fvnDUNK3hVdVlsQ= on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Dj4bIamQPv7HFSpC1lG08vP2ANE8fvnDUNK3hVdVlsQ=

Hi all,

I try to collect identities from two datasources (an AD and a CSV file). I have a little problem cause some identities existe in the both datasources, for the moment i get a duplicate identity, but me, i want collecte them juste from csv and ignore them in AD for that i create a "joins" in unification configuration between the two collectors using a username (unique attribute)

And in attribute processing order i put the ad collector after the csv collector

Note: i did not change in Attribute Sources

and when i run all collector with unification, i can collecte all identity from the csv file, but all AD identities are empty (it fill juste user id)

but when i check a log of the Ad collectors i see data

Can you explain me how can i resolve this issue ?


Best Regards.