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Anyone else experienced issue with URL Redirection post migration?

Question asked by Brian Marks on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Steven Spicer

Previous RSA SecurID Authentication Manager 7.1 SP4 P5 [Enterprise Primary & Replica] has been migrated to RSA SecurID Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1 P13 successfully, now in Production. Generated a new RSA Replica and brought online. The Primary (ONLY) is experiencing the following issue:



Type URL: https://server-rsa01.fqdn.local

and the URL is redirected to: https://server-server-rsa01.fqdn.local:7004/console-ims/

and of course produces an error, "This site can’t be reached... server DNS address could not be found."



I am able to manually correct the FQDN in the redirected URL and successfully get to the login page, it is only the automated redirect that fails. Any thoughts on resolving this issue?


Also, this issue is NOT occurring on the Replica, which was built post migration.