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Packet Concentrator is taking a long time to initialize

Question asked by qVIQUb8ls9saNP7igYuIdrmmeXDVxfMDeLjDVSbku70= on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by qVIQUb8ls9saNP7igYuIdrmmeXDVxfMDeLjDVSbku70=

Hi All ,


While doing a testing, one of my packet concentrator(version 10.5.x) hung and i need to restart it but waited for indexes to rebuild but after long hours ,still it is in "initializing database" state and also im getting below errors.


NwConcentrator[16828]: [Index] [debug] Index error is being initialized

NwConcentrator[16828]: [Index] [debug] Index parse.error is being initialized


Also ,i ran for reducing the index slices but my save.session.count of concentrator is 600000000(default for version 10.5.x).


What could be the possible causes for this & how can i rectify the issue?