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Agents missing from ECAT UI

Question asked by Craig Cameron-Weir on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Mohamed Essam

I am doing a small proof of concept deployment of ECAT. During some tests, I reinstalled the product on the workstation acting as the ECAT server. After reinstalling the ECAT console server and ECAT UI, I created a new agent package and confirmed that all tests in the packager pass. Then, I installed the new agent on two machines that had previously had agents deployed. Both of these systems are able to communicate with the ECAT server with the new agent, just as they had with the old.


Unfortunately, every other system I have deployed the new agent to is *not* showing up in ECAT UI. These other agents are communicating with the console server, according to the output from the console server, for example:


18 10:21:28:8614 Query 11 -> /getcommand

18 10:21:28:9092 Query 11 completed successfully


In the ECAT UI > Events tab, I see this: