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[Custom Aveksa Entitlements] View a specific application (or directory)

Question asked by Dj4bIamQPv7HFSpC1lG08vP2ANE8fvnDUNK3hVdVlsQ= on Jul 19, 2016
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I want to create a new Entitlement that allow to a user to view all account of a specific application (Directory), I do not found Secure Object Type=Account with Action=View, so i want create an Entitlement that allow to a user to view all the application or the directory (just view)

For that i create a SecurityContext.csv file with this entry for active directory accounts



Directory,View Ad Directory,View,,,,t_applications,lower(name)='active directory'


Note: active directory is a directory not an application.

I grant this entitlement to a user but he can not see the directory, it display Error on Directory name

Can you please explain me how i can create the SecurityContext.csv file