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Issue with RSA Web Agent

Question asked by MUCMhX2ACKdzYVGqLf6klj48MQljaA0uJ2278w2BYJw= on Jul 20, 2016
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I have a server running on RedHat Linux. I have installed Apache HTTPD 2.4 on it.


I installed RSA Web Agent on the server, following the instructions attached.

However, when I start Apache httpd, I get the following error in the  error.log: Error can't connect to ACE/Server


Also, when I run /, I get the following error:

AceInitilization failed.


When I try to hit a URL from the browser, I get the following error:

106: The Wes Server is Busy. Please try again later.


I enabled tcpdump, but I do not see any trace of RSA Agent trying to talk to RSA Manager.


I have the right sdconf.rec file from the RSA authentication Manager. I am able to ping that server but RSA Web Agent does not seem to be able to talk to it.

I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue.