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IMG 6.9.1 - Is it possible to tailor entitlements valid for Compare User option?

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Andy Cheek

We make considerable use of the Compare User facility, particularly when new users are entered into a team, i.e. the LM will simply compare them with an existing member of the team and do Select All.


There are, however, certain categories of access entitlements that are not exposed through the normal Access Request, because we handle them differently, BUT they are still visible and available through the Compare User option. Is there any way at all to exclude these from Compare User?


In case anyone is wondering (though it should not materially affect the discussion) the exclusions for us are :

  1. The internal IMG entitlements, e.g. Business Unit Business Owner
  2. Certain AD groups where the membership is driven by our JML process and must not be requested independently