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Can i see the new identities before the unification process?

Question asked by Dj4bIamQPv7HFSpC1lG08vP2ANE8fvnDUNK3hVdVlsQ= on Jul 26, 2016
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I have an error on the unification process, on [ORA-00001][ORA-30926] Identity Data Unification Error, you explain me that issue are caused by a duplicate entries from a couple of tables.



I have check all my identities  on t_master_entreprise_users and t_entreprise_users,i have no duplicate entries, i think this error are caused by the new identities, can you show me where can i should search to find the new identities collected but not yet on T_master_entreprise_users table.


Note: We can not open a support case for that, cause we are on test and buy periods


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