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Packet Concentrator aggregation state fluctuates

Question asked by qVIQUb8ls9saNP7igYuIdrmmeXDVxfMDeLjDVSbku70= on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by Khaled Gamal

Hi All ,


I'm getting below aggregation errors in my packet concentrators :


NwConcentrator[8736]: [Aggregation] [failure] Unable to retrieve page from meta pool, please increase aggregate.meta.perpage and/or and restart

NwConcentrator[8736]: [Aggregation] [info] Aggregation is stopping

NwConcentrator[8736]: [Aggregation] [info] Aggregation threads are being shutdown


While restarting the packet concentrator aggregation service i am  getting an error like :


"Aggregation failed to start.TransportException: Message start was not recognized by concentrator."


While cross-verifying with RSA SA community KB and stated that - Concentrator takes some time before the aggregation actually starts because it is “initializing databases” and “initializing the SDK” so as soon as everything is initialized properly, the aggregation starts.


After successful initialization of DB and SDK , my concentrator move up with consuming state but again it get down to offline state .


What could be the possible reason for this fluctuations ?


Thanks in Advance !