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How to configure AFX Generic Database Connector using ODBC?

Question asked by Jasmin Naber on Jul 27, 2016



I have a PostgreSQL DB where no dedicated AFX connector is available (i am running on 6.8.1) . I want to use the generic AFX database connector to provision to the PostgreSQL DB.


Here I can select some predefined database drivers. The ODBC driver is the only one which could be used for the PostgreSQL DB.


When we select the ODBC driver (sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver) I have to enter a URL in this structure:




Unfortunately the generic Database AFX Connector is not documented in detail within the AFX Connector documentation, so I need to know how to define this URL properly and what else will be required (e.g. Driver Installation of ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL, Definition of Data Source, etc...) to establish the ODBC Connection with AFX.


In case a Data Source would be required, where do I have to create this - on my operating system (SUSE Linux) or on my Application Server (Websphere) where L&G is running?


Does anyone have used this AFX Connector with ODBC and can help me ?


Thanks a lot in advance.