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NW appliances - operation temperature guideline

Discussion created by Wonchul Park Employee on Jul 29, 2016

Hi all,


Recently I see lots of customers reporting thermal issue. I'd like to share operation temperature guideline collected from Dell Documentations. Hope this will be a self guide to verify operating conditions in customer's data center.




Temp range


How to Check

S4S (R620)

10 ~ 35°C (Standard)

5 ~ 40°C (< 10% of annual operating hours)

-5 ~ 45°C (< 1% of annual operating hours)

Dell PowerEdge R620 Owner's Manual


iDRAC system log

S5 Core(R630)

Dell PowerEdge R630 Owner's Manual


iDRAC system log

S5 Hybrid(R730)

Dell PowerEdge R730 Owner's Manual


iDRAC system log

Storage (On-board)

-40 ~ 65°C

found above links

iDRAC system log

Storage RAID Controller

(H710P, H810 and etc.)

~ 60°C