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SAP Connector

Question asked by ZASr4VmRA3XFUfJGYcr2L7CB6D5bYc755k9xSnzG7jA= on Aug 5, 2016

I want to provision/de-provision SAP Accounts, profiles & roles in various SAP Modules. The possible SAP modules are ECC, BW, CRM, SCM, R/3, APO etc…

Do the RSA Via L&G has out of box connector for all these modules? The product document shows the supported end point as SAP ECC but don’t says anything about other modules. Can you please tell me what are the SAP modules supported out of box. Is there any other document available for this?

Do the SAP connector supports to connect to SAP CUA?

Do the connector supports account and role reconciliation which I can use for re-certification?